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Dordrecht city is located in Netherlands. Currently, 15 clinical trials are being conducted in this city.

Dordrecht, nestled in the western Netherlands, is steeped in history as the oldest city in the Holland region, officially receiving city rights in 1220. This historic gem is cradled by the waters of the Oude Maas, Noord, and Merwede rivers, making it a quintessential Dutch water city. Dordrecht is renowned for its pivotal role in the Protestant Reformation within the Netherlands, hosting the First Assembly of the Free States in 1572, a foundational moment in Dutch independence. The city’s rich past is mirrored in its well-preserved medieval architecture, including the Grote Kerk, a Gothic church known for its uncompleted tower and impressive organ. Dordrecht also boasts the Dordrechts Museum, showcasing Dutch art from the 17th century onwards, reflecting the city’s long-standing cultural significance.

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