Study to find the best way to administer pegaspargase in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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    This is a study to investigate treatment strategies for children and adolescents diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). The study focuses on evaluating the efficacy of a drug called pegaspargase. The drug works by depriving tumor cells of essential nutrients, contributing to its potential efficacy against ALL in pediatric patients. The study aims to determine the optimal way to administer pegaspargase, comparing a single high dose with two lower doses, with additional doses later in treatment. For those at highest risk, a more intensive treatment plan is being investigated. This includes two larger initial doses, followed by additional doses later in treatment. The study is evaluating factors such as potential serious side effects and overall treatment efficacy.

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      Where does the clinical trial take place?

      Amiens , France

      Angers , France

      Besanu00e7on , France

      Bordeaux , France

      Brest , France

      Caen , France

      Clermont-Ferrand , France

      Dijon , France

      Grenoble , France

      Lille , France

      Limoges , France

      Lyon , France

      Marseille , France

      Montpellier , France

      Nancy , France

      Nantes , France

      Nice , France

      Paris , France

      Paris , France

      Paris , France

      Poitiers , France

      Reims , France

      Rennes , France

      Rouen , France

      Saint Etienne , France

      Strasbourg , France

      Toulouse , France

      Tours , France

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