Testing the safety and efficacy of Rapcabtagene autoleucel in combination with ibrutinib for the treatment of various leukemia

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    This study is looking at a new drug called rapcabtagene autoleucel in people with different types of blood cancer. The treatment is divided into two phases. In phase I, the study is testing the safety and efficacy of the new treatment in three different patient groups. The first group is adults with CLL/SLL, a type of blood cancer that has not shown a good response to the drug ibrutinib. The second group is adults with DLBCL, another type of blood cancer, who have failed at least two other treatments and who are unable or unwilling to undergo a stem cell transplant. The third group is adults with ALL, another type of blood cancer, who have not responded to other treatments. Phase II extends Phase I, focusing on the two main groups. The aim of this part is to obtain additional information on the efficacy of the new treatment. The aim of both phases is to determine the best dose of rapcabtagene autoleucel, to see how safe it is and how well it works against these tumors. After the treatment part of the study is completed, patients will be followed up for at least two years to monitor their health status and the long-term effects of the treatment.

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      Where does the clinical trial take place?

      Wien , Austria

      Marseille , France

      Paris 10 , France

      Pierre Benite , France

      Frankfurt , Germany

      Koeln , Germany

      Bergamo , Italy

      Bologna , Italy

      Milano , Italy

      Cordoba , Spain

      Sevilla , Spain

      Badalona , Spain

      Barcelona , Spain

      Valencia , Spain

      Barcelona , Spain

      Madrid , Spain

      Madrid , Spain

      You can join this study in:

      Spain: Badalona, Barcelona, Córdoba, Madrid.

      Italy: Bergamo, Bologna.

      Germany: Frankfurt.

      France: Marseille.

      Austria: Vienna.

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      Recruting new patients

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