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  • CT-EU-00111375

    Understanding the Reasons Behind Organ Donation Refusal: A Psychological and Cultural Study

    The Hospital of Saint Denis (HSD) is conducting a significant study titled “Refusal of Organ Donation: a Study of Psychological, Anthropological and Cultural Factors.” This research aims to understand why some people choose not to donate organs, a decision that has been increasingly observed at our hospital, setting us apart from the national trend in France. The study seeks to explore the complex personal, family, and cultural factors that influence one’s stance on organ donation.

    At the heart of this research is an interest in how individuals and communities perceive death, including the definitions, symbols, and rituals associated with it. By gathering insights into these perceptions, the study hopes to uncover psychological, social, and anthropological reasons behind the reluctance to donate organs.

    The methodology of the study is comprehensive, combining both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Participants will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire that covers various aspects, such as their views on the biological and symbolic significance of organs, representations of death, and philosophical or religious beliefs regarding death and the body. Additionally, the study will involve participant observation by social science researchers, focusing on key moments in the organ donation process, and semi-structured interviews with hospital staff involved in organ donation and retrieval.

    For those considering participating, it’s important to note that the study will collect basic demographic information on the first day, including your sex, age, nationality, and mother tongue. This information will help us understand the diverse perspectives on organ donation.

    This study offers a unique opportunity to contribute to a deeper understanding of the factors that influence decisions about organ donation. Your participation could help identify ways to address the increasing rates of organ donation refusal at the Hospital of Saint Denis and beyond.