Clinical trials on Mild Autonomous Cortisol Excess

  • CT-EU-00111717

    Exploring elagolix for mild cortisol excess in postmenopausal women

    The study involves postmenopausal women suffering from mild hypercortisolemia resulting from non-cancerous adrenal hyperplasia. The study examined whether a drug called elagolix, currently used to treat endometriosis, could help improve various health indicators and overall quality of life for these women.

    Mild hypercortisolism, or slightly elevated cortisol levels, can negatively impact the body, including changes in blood glucose and cholesterol levels, weight gain, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The study aims to see if elagolix can lower cortisol production and therefore improve these conditions.

    During this 6-month study, participants will take elagolix 200 mg orally twice daily. Changes in cortisol levels will be monitored using a dexamethasone suppression test and 24-hour urine cortisol measurements at the beginning and end of the study. In addition, the size of the adrenal adenomas will be assessed using imaging techniques to see if any reduction has occurred.

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