Clinical trials on LEPR Deficiency Obesity

  • CT-EU-00112417

    Exploring the effectiveness of new medication in treating genetic obesity

    This  clinical trial aim is to study a new medicine called LB54640 for folks with certain rare genetic conditions that cause obesity. The conditions are being studied are POMC deficiency obesity, PCSK1 deficiency obesity, and LEPR deficiency obesity.

    Patients will be taking LB54640 by mouth once a day for 16 weeks. The main thing the researchers are looking at is how much patients body mass index (BMI) changes from the start to the end of them 16 weeks.

    After the first 16 weeks, patients might be able to keep on taking the medicine for up to a whole year as part of a longer-term extension of the study. The purpose is to see if LB54640 is safe and effective for treating obesity caused by rare genetic disorders.

    • LB54640