Clinical trials on Anesthesia Brain Monitoring

  • CT-EU-00110981

    Relationship Between Brain Monitoring Indices During Anesthesia

    This clinical trial aims to study the relationship between two important measures, qCON and qNOX, provided by the CONOX neuromonitoring device during general anesthesia. The CONOX device uses EEG (brain wave) data to monitor the levels of sedation (qCON) and analgesia or pain relief (qNOX) during surgery under general anesthesia.

    The study will investigate how these two measures, qCON and qNOX, relate to each other and to other factors like muscle activity (EMG), and the concentrations of the anesthetic drugs propofol and remifentanil in your blood. The researchers will record these values from the start of your anesthesia until you regain consciousness after the surgery.

    By understanding the relationships between these measures, the study hopes to improve the monitoring and management of anesthesia during surgical procedures, ensuring adequate sedation and pain relief for patients undergoing general anesthesia.