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Newport city is located in United Kingdom. Currently, 1 clinical trials are being conducted in this city.

Newport, located in South Wales, UK, is a city rich in history and culture. Established by the Romans in AD 75, it boasts the remarkable Newport Transporter Bridge, one of the few operational in the world. Newport played a pivotal role in the Chartist movement of the 19th century, culminating in the 1839 Newport Rising. The city’s regeneration efforts have transformed its waterfront, highlighting its commitment to blending historical heritage with modern development. Newport also serves as a gateway to the scenic Wye Valley, a testament to its natural beauty.

  • CT-EU-00116351

    Comparing ruxolitinib, hydroxycarbamide, and Interferon as first-line treatments for high-risk Polycythemia Vera

    The study, known as MITHRIDATE, investigates the effectiveness of the drug Ruxolitinib compared to either Hydroxycarbamide or Interferon Alpha for patients with high-risk Polycythemia Vera, a type of blood disorder. This Phase III clinical trial aims to determine which treatment is more effective in managing the disease without leading to additional health complications.

    Patients in the trial are assigned to receive either Ruxolitinib or the best available therapy, chosen from Hydroxycarbamide or Interferon Alpha, as decided by the overseeing doctors. The course of the study involves regular monitoring and assessments to evaluate the impact of these treatments on the disease’s progression and patients’ overall health and quality of life. The study is conducted in a controlled environment to ensure reliable results.

    • Interferon-Alpha
    • Hydroxycarbamide
    • Ruxolitinib

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