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Lido Di Camaiore

Lido Di Camaiore city is located in Italy. Currently, 1 clinical trials are being conducted in this city.

  • CT-EU-00111447

    Discovering Biomarkers in Rett Syndrome: A Multicenter Observational Study

    The BIRS (Biomarkers in Rett Syndrome) study is a long-term, observational, multicenter research project focused on understanding Rett Syndrome (RTT) better. RTT is a severe neurological disorder that mainly affects females, showing symptoms like slowed head growth, walking and balance issues, repetitive hand movements, and loss of communication skills, among others. This study is crucial because it aims to find early biomarkers of RTT, which could help in diagnosing the condition sooner and improving treatment options.

    The research will be conducted across several Italian centers, including IRCCS Stella Maris, AOU Meyer, and Versilia Hospital. It’s designed to monitor patients over four years, collecting a wide range of data, from genetic information to detailed clinical observations. The study will also compare affected individuals with their siblings to identify any differences that could point to early signs of RTT.

    Participants will undergo annual follow-ups, including various tests like EEGs to record brain activity, brain MRIs, and bone densitometry, among others. The study also uses innovative tools like the Eye Tracker, specifically for RTT patients, to understand their condition better.

    Your privacy is a top priority in this study. All personal information will be kept confidential, with data stored securely and accessible only to authorized personnel. Before joining, you’ll receive a detailed explanation of the study and what’s involved, ensuring you’re fully informed.

    This research is not just about understanding RTT better but also about finding ways to improve the lives of those affected by it. If you or a loved one is dealing with RTT and are interested in contributing to this vital research, the BIRS study might be an opportunity to consider.

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