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Boston city is located in United Kingdom. Currently, 2 clinical trials are being conducted in this city.

Boston, a market town in Lincolnshire, England, boasts a rich history dating back to the 11th century. Known for the Boston Stump, the nickname for the tower of St Botolph’s Church, one of the largest parish churches in England, it dominates the skyline. The town played a significant role in medieval trade and was a major port in the 13th century. Boston’s name influenced Boston, Massachusetts, after its Puritan settlers emigrated in the 17th century. The town also hosts one of the largest outdoor markets in England.

  • CT-EU-00115702

    Study on INCB000928 Alone or With Ruxolitinib for Anemia in Myeloproliferative Disorders

    This clinical trial is designed to explore the effects of a new medication called INCB000928, either on its own or when used together with another drug known as ruxolitinib. The main goal is to see how safe and tolerable this treatment is for individuals suffering from anemia due to certain myeloproliferative disorders, including conditions like post-essential thrombocythemia myelofibrosis and post-polycythemia vera myelofibrosis. These are types of blood disorders that can lead to symptoms such as fatigue due to anemia.

    The study is divided into two parts: the first part will focus on finding the right dose of the medication, and the second part will expand on these findings to further understand the treatment’s effects. Participants in this study will be closely monitored to assess any side effects and to see how well the treatment is working, with a particular focus on how it impacts anemia and the need for blood transfusions.

    This research is being conducted in an open-label which means both the researchers and participants will know which treatment is being administered. The safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of INCB000928, both as a standalone therapy and in combination with ruxolitinib, will be evaluated over approximately 13 months. This study represents an important step towards finding new treatments for those dealing with the challenges of anemia due to myeloproliferative disorders.

    • Ruxolitinib
    • INCB000928
  • Study on the Safety and Effectiveness of INCB057643 for Myelofibrosis and Other Myeloid Neoplasms

    This clinical trial is focused on evaluating the safety, tolerability, and initial effectiveness of a medication called INCB057643, either on its own or in combination with another drug known as ruxolitinib. It is designed for participants who are dealing with myelofibrosis or other advanced myeloid neoplasms, which are types of blood disorders. The study aims to understand how well participants can handle the treatment and to observe any potential benefits or side effects that may occur during the trial. The treatment’s impact will be measured by monitoring the number of treatment-related adverse events, which includes any new or worsening symptoms following the start of the medication. This study is an important step towards finding new treatment options for individuals with myelofibrosis and related conditions, offering hope for better management of these diseases.

    • INCB057643
    • Ruxolitinib

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