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Belfort city is located in France. Currently, 1 clinical trials are being conducted in this city.

Belfort, nestled in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of France, is renowned for its strategic significance and rich history. Dominated by the imposing Belfort Lion, a monumental sculpture symbolizing French resistance during the Siege of Belfort (1870-71), the city is a testament to resilience. Belfort’s unique geographical location, straddling the Jura mountains and the Vosges, has historically made it a vital military crossroad, earning it the nickname “Gateway to the East.” Despite its martial past, Belfort today is a vibrant cultural hub, hosting the annual FIMU music festival, which attracts artists worldwide.

  • CT-EU-00115994

    Exploring a new treatment combination for rheumatoid arthritis: baricitinib plus anti-TNF

    This clinical trial is focused on finding a more effective treatment for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) who haven’t responded well to previous therapies. The study is comparing two different approaches: one group will receive a combination of baricitinib treatment and an anti-TNF therapy (adalimumab), while the other group will receive baricitinib along with a placebo. The main goal is to see which group shows a greater improvement in their RA symptoms, specifically looking for a 50% improvement in symptoms, known as an ACR 50 response, after 24 weeks from the start of the treatment.

    Baricitinib is a medication that targets certain pathways in the body’s immune system to reduce inflammation and pain in RA. Anti-TNF therapy, like adalimumab, works by blocking the action of a protein in the body that causes inflammation. By combining these two treatments, researchers hope to see a more significant improvement in RA symptoms than with baricitinib alone.

    The trial is important because it aims to provide a new option for patients with RA who have not found relief with current treatments. It’s designed to test the safety and effectiveness of using these two different types of medications together.

    • placebo
    • Adalimumab
    • Baricitinib

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